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Praise Jesus!

All Tide fans can now sleep a little better when thinking about the 2008 Arkansas game. Darren McFadden, the best tailback the SEC has seen since Bo Jackson, has officially decided to forgo his senior season and has declared for the NFL Draft.

Those who frequent this blog are likely well aware of my man crush on D-Mac, and watching him playing the game was nothing short of pure joy, but you have no clue how glad I am knowing that when we travel to Fayetteville next season, McFadden won't be waiting for us.

Sufficed to say, the odds of us beating the Hogs next season has gone up dramatically.

And for the record, Felix Jones will announce his decision on Monday. My uneducated guess is that, given the quality and depth of the 2008 tailback class, he will likely return for his senior season.