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More Housekeeping: Special "Todd's Ridiculous Ideas" Edition!

On National Signing Day last year, we did a tongue in cheek post about the signing of Katharine McPhee as a recruit for our "official" cheesecake/kool-aid, and subsequently held a vote to choose between the McPhee, Penelope Cruz, and Diane Kruger. I had every intention of making this a yearly thing by selecting a group of exceptionally attractive (and single! There's always hope they'll stumble across this blog and be impressed by our drooling fanaticism.) celebrities and doing a sort of "tournament" to crown the Official 2008 Season Sweetheart of Roll Bama Roll (tm). But, to be perfectly honest here, I've grown quite attached to our McPhee, and am loathe to give her up.

Who could say no to

So I'm going to let you guys decide how we play it this year. Either we can simply keep going with the McPhee, or set up a bracket that will allow other young ladies to compete against her for the honor of being crowned the Official 2008 Season Sweetheart of Roll Bama Roll (tm). I'll leave the poll up until tomorrow night.