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Applewhite to Interview at Texas

Well, it looks like we can't put the Applewhite to Texas rumors to bed just yet:

The Tuscaloosa News has learned that University of Alabama offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Major Applewhite is expected to interview for an opening at Texas, his alma mater.

Applewhite, a former standout quarterback for the Longhorns, joined Nick Saban's staff this year after becoming the youngest coordinator in Division I football at Rice in 2006.

Gut instinct? He's staying. He interviewed with Houston, too, and decided to stay put, plus Texas already has an OC and QB coach in Greg Davis, who, funnily enough, was Applewhite's QB coach. I'd be surprised if Applewhite was being courted as an OC/Playcaller and Davis is being demoted somewhere else after ten years. Applewhite has a great setup at Alabama, and unless there are tensions between him and Saban I doubt he'd jump ship for what could likely be a step backwards in his career.

Update [2008-1-14 19:52:29 by Todd]:

BON and it's ever resourceful readers are all over this, too, and have a link to an article in the Statesman saying "it's a done deal."

Major Applewhite, one of the most popular Longhorn football players in school history, has been contacted by coach Mack Brown for an opening on the UT staff.

Applewhite, 29, currently is the offensive coordinator for Alabama.

The opening on Brown’s staff is for a running backs coach. Ken Rucker, who had been in charge of UT running backs for the past three seasons, was moved last week to a newly created post, directing high school relations and player development.

"I think it’s a done deal," said a source close to Applewhite. "They wouldn’t have contacted him if they weren’t close to hiring him."

The Tuscaloosa News also was reporting Monday that Applewhite was interviewing with the Longhorns. However, the story did not cite a source.

It’s unclear when Applewhite will interview for the job. He was recruiting for Alabama Monday. Rucker, one of UT’s top recruiters, also was on the road visiting prospects. He can stay on the road recruiting until Brown hires his replacement. National signing day is Feb. 6.

At least one of their commenters has the same reservations as I:

I have trouble believing that Applewhite would be brought in to replace GD and immediately coach the offense, but I also have trouble believing he would take a demotion a become a co-coordinator or qb coach. Unless he would be hired with a wink and a nod that he's going to take the reins soon enough, I don't really understand what his position would be. Regardless, I'm psyched.

Stay tuned.

Update [2008-1-14 21:4:28 by Todd]:

Crimson Chatter has a link to a Houston Chronicle post that thinks Applewhite will interview tomorrow (Tuesday) and an official announcement could come by Wednesday.