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Tuscaloosa News: Applewhite Expected to Leave

According to a report by the Tuscaloosa News, Major Applewhite is expected to take a job with Texas in the next couple of days. Specifically, they reported:

"Barring a dramatic, last-minute change, all indications Tuesday night were that University of Alabama offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Major Applewhite is leaving the Capstone to accept a job at his alma mater, Texas, within the next couple of days."

So, that about sums all of that up. I'll have a commentary piece up on it in the next few days, but to briefly summarize my thoughts on the situation, I don't think it's a concern, I don't think it will affect recruiting, and I don't think our beloved Nicktator did anything to stop Applewhite from going. I think it sums up the entire situation that, regardless of what his official title will be at Texas, Applewhite will not be calling plays in Austin. That last tidbit should tell you all you need to know about this situation.

As from where we go from here, I highly doubt the reins will be handed over to Pendry. Saban is very respectful of his opinion, but if Saban had really wanted Pendry as the offensive coordinator I doubt he would have brought in Applewhite in the first place. Saban used Pendry to keep the reins on Applewhite, given his concerns over his youth and inexperience, and that was it. I imagine that, most likely, Saban will go outside the program and hire another offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach.

Update [2008-1-15 23:44:59 by Todd]:

That's it Texas, it is on!