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Bobby Williams: New Tight End / Special Teams Coach?

Tom Dienhart of the Sporting News is reporting that Bobby Williams has been hired as the new tight end / special teams coach. The spot became open when Ron Middleton left for Duke.

For those who do not know, Williams was previously a coach for Saban at Michigan State, and took over the head job when Saban left for LSU. Later, Williams coached under Saban again at LSU, and also with him at the Miami Dolphins.

There is no official confirmation of this report just yet, but I see no reason to doubt it. Saban has a long history with Williams, and Williams was actually in town last week to interview for the position. Moreover, Williams has a reputation as a great recruiter, something that Saban is very much looking for.

I imagine that this will be made official shortly. I think it's a good hire. Williams is a good coach and a good recruiter, and his presence upgrades the staff as a whole.