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One Last Thought on the Applewhite Departure

With all the worry that Star Jackson might decommit if Applewhite left, we all forgot about a QB that's already on campus, Greg McElroy. There was some talk awhile back that he might want to transfer, but McElroy put those rumors to bed and said working with childhood hero Major Applewhite was a factor. Now that both the coaching staff he committed to and the QB Coach he admired are gone, he really has no reason to be loyal to the Crimson Tide anymore. This isn't to say that he isn't going to stick it out, and this isn't to say that he wouldn't be missed if he did transfer. With all the talk about Wilson continuing to start despite obvious struggles this season, we necessarily wondered aloud how poor McElroy's play must be to keep him on the bench in spite of the poor QB play on the field. Still, from what we saw of him at the A-Day Game and the simple fact that he initially committed to Texas Tech, meaning Mike Leach (or whoever recruited him) thought he was a good enough QB to learn and run their Air Raid offense, this is a kid that more than likely has the potential to run the spread offense that Saban seems to prefer and could excel in that system. Just a thought.