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A Michigan Man at 'Bama?

From Crimson Chatter:

Former Michigan quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler has been on campus this week and has emerged as an early leader to become Alabama's new offensive coordinator, The Huntsville Times has learned.

Applewhite's departure was obviously expected before the formal announcement with Loeffler getting to campus so soon.

If you want to check out Michigan's stats from last season, you can find them here.

If he does get hired, let's hope his offense looks more like this than this.

Update [2008-1-18 15:48:37 by outsidethesidelines]:

Loeffler is indeed in Tuscaloosa interviewing for a currently unknown job.

I, however, would caution against assuming that he will be brought in as the offensive coordinator. Loeffler was strictly the quarterbacks coach at Michigan, and he was not a coordinator. Moreover, he was the quarterbacks coach in a pro-style system, which is what Pendry likes to run.

People should not be assuming that he will be the offensive coordinator. Though a possibility, the much more likely scenario is that he will be brought in as the quarterbacks coach, and Pendry will become the offensive coordinator. It all just fits in so perfectly. Pendry wants to run a pro-style offense, and Loeffler has the background as a great quarterbacks coach in a pro-style offense.

Anything can still happen, of course, but this is the most convincing evidence that I have seen to date that would point to the notion that Pendry will become offensive coordinator.

Moreover, after thinking a bit deeper about it, the whole "If Saban would have really wanted Pendry as offensive coordinator, he wouldn't have hired Applewhite" argument really does not hold much water. Once I thought about it more, I remembered that last year Saban initially hired Steve Marshall to be the offensive line coach, with presumably Pendry being the offensive coordinator. Two days later, though, Marshall decided he wanted to stay in the NFL and took a job with the Cleveland Browns, and it was only then that Pendry became the offensive line coach and Applewhite was brought in. In fact, given the NCAA's limit of nine on-field coaches, it would have been impossible to hire Applewhite had Marshall stayed.

So, it seems, Pendry may be the man after all.