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New Poll: MVPs for the '07-'08 Season

We're going to start breaking down both Bama's season and the reast of the country in the next few days, and we want to take a vote on both the Offensive and Defensive MVPs for the Tide this season. So leave your nominations and why in the comments, and we'll get up a poll for y'all to vote on over the weekend and then announce the winners on Monday. Here are mine:

Offense Defense
John Parker Wilson
Matt Caddell
DJ Hall
Terry Grant
Glen Coffee
Andre Smith
Antoine Caldwell
Wallace Gilberry
Darren Mustin
Rolando McClain
Zeke Knight
Rashad Johnson
Simeon Castille
Kareem Jackson

Update [2008-1-2 12:50:5 by Todd]:

As nearly all of you have mentioned in the comments, there needs to be a Special Teams MVP as well, and it seems like the consensus pick is Javier Arenas. I'd also throw in Leigh Tiffin and Jamie Christensen, the former for not having a meltdown this year like he did against Arkansas and making a few clutch kicks during the season, and the latter for the brilliantly executed onsides kick against UT.