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Crimson Tide Links and Such: 01/01/08

The Tide basketball team was absolutely pounded by Clemson last night, letting the Tigers expand on a five point half time lead to the tune of 87-61.

"I am completely, 100 percent embarrassed at how my team competed in the second half," Gottfried said. "That hasn't been the case for one minute of one game this year."

All-Southeastern Conference forward Richard Hendrix had 14 points and seven rebounds, though he was victimized on the defensive end. Forward Alonzo Gee had 17 points and six rebounds, but guard Mykal Riley missed all eight 3-point attempts.

Alabama (10-4) was outscored 47-26 in the final 20 minutes.

No Alabama team has lost so badly to an out-of-conference team since Pittsburgh defeated the Tide by 24 in the 1988 Red Lobster Classic in Orlando. And it was the worst nonconference loss in Tuscaloosa since 1969 when Ohio State won 96-68.


The 2008 season is already underway for the Tide football staff, as they are already back at work, evaluating last season and preparing for the coming one:

The staff received today and Tuesday off, but are due back in their offices on Wednesday for a three-day review of the season. Saban will solicit opinions from everyone.

"We will certainly do a lot of evaluation, relative to quality control," Saban said. "We will give most people in the organization the opportunity to give some feedback on how we can do any part of our program better. We will start to put it in action when we get back and get rolling again."

Cecil Hurt wonders if Wilson will be fighting for his job in the offseason:

The Wilson dichotomy is currently being aired in every ESPN bowl game, as they promote the four "Pontiac Game-Changing Performance" finalists of the year. You see the good John Parker Wilson first, hitting Matt Caddell with the dramatic game-winning touchdown pass against Arkansas. Then, you are immediately switched to the other aspect, as Wilson's end-zone interception at the end of the first half at Mississippi State is the next "highlight" on the list. It was that inconsistency that perplexed Alabama fans. It could happen almost as quickly on the field of play as it does in the ESPN commercial, too. Wilson could appear to be in a groove and one play would seem to turn it around for him. The Independence Bowl was an example of that.

What about next season? Well, there are two legitimate reasons to think Wilson could be operating at a higher level. The first is the probability of individual improvement as he grows more and more familiar with the Crimson Tide offense under Major Applewhite.

The second, and more overlooked, possibility is that he will improve as the team improves around him. At times, this simple analogy seemed appropriate. Suppose you have someone who can lift 400 pounds. Lifting that much weight is impressive, and if you ask that person to lift 350 pounds, he will look smooth doing it. But if you ask him to lift 500 pounds, he will strain and struggle and not always be successful. There were times this season when Wilson was asked to shoulder a 500-pound load for the UA offense this season. The running game wasn't consistent. The offensive line was shuffled by textbook issues and injuries. If those areas improve, Wilson won't be asked to carry so much of the burden and he will look better because of it.

But whether he looks better, or the same, Alabama fans will be looking at him this spring -- and looking very closely.

And finally, your Morning YouTube comes courtesy of The Legends: