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Nominate Us, and We'll Totally Renew the Fatwa on Smokey...

It's award season again, so that must mean it's time for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards, brought to you by the fine folks at MGoBlog, Dawg Sports, Rocky Top Talk, Burnt Orange Nation, EDSBS, and Sunny Delight.*

It's got solar energy!**

So here's the skinny: First, go to Rocky Top Talk for an explanation of the process, and then head over to EDSBS for a breakdown of the categories and, for our fellow sports bloggers, info on how to nominate your peers. For our readers that aren't bloggers, you can play along too! MGoBlog has a handy little gizmo that will allow you to have your say as well. Since we were fortunate enough to be nominated for Best SEC Blog last year without actually bothering to nominate anyone else (we're just that lazy), I figured I should probably get on that this year. So starting tomorrow, I'll break down my choices in (most of) the different categories, and you guys should be sure to go and make some nominations as well.

* Sunny Delight in no way sponsors, endorses, or even knows about the College Football Blogger Awards.
** Solar energy is for hippies.