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Recruiting Rumor Mongering: Julio Jones Going to OU?


A week ago, the Gators were feeling pretty good about their chances of landing Julio Jones, the nation's No. 1 wide receiver prospect from Foley, Ala. But the positive vibes quickly disappeared on his visit to Gainesville this past weekend.

Things were going so badly that the UF coaches told Jones to leave early.

Word is that Jones was trying to do some recruiting for Oklahoma during his stay in Gainesville. Jones visits Oklahoma this weekend, a good indication that maybe he's going to be a Sooner. Alabama has been considered the leader for Jones for quite some time, but it appears Bobby Stoops is going to pull this coveted prospect out of the state.

Sounds like a load of crap to me, but it's out there, so go ahead and discuss.

Update [2008-1-24 12:22:36 by Todd]:

Well, that one didn't last very long:

I called the reporter Robbie Andreu, a longtime UF beat reporter for the Gainesville Sun. Turns out, Robbie agreed with Watson's assessment:

"I was wrong, we were wrong," Andreu just told me. "My source turned out to be not right."

Andreu said he has since spoken with someone else at UF who informed him Julio did not leave early. "And he was not recruiting for Oklahoma," Robbie said.

So who wants to start a rumor that Star Jackson decided to go to Oregon? Anyone?