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The CFB Blogger Awards: Nominees Part the Second

Big East:

Orange::44: God bless them for covering Syracuse. They are truly better men than I.

Big Ten:

Cute Sports: If by the Big Ten you mean "Packers, Brewers, Marquette, and occasionally Wisconsin," then long time Friend 'o RBR Nicole has you covered.

Big 12:

Rock'M Nation and Double T Nation: Both of these blogs do admirable work covering their respective teams, so much so that every time I check them I think "we need to step up our game at RBR," and since it was such a hard choice picking between the two for best Big 12 Blog I'm just nominating both.

Pac 10:

Addicted to Quack: If nothing else, they should win as a consolation prize for the loss of Dennis Dixon.

One cut too many, I suppose...


Garnet and Black Attack: Not only do they do a great job of covering the 'Cocks, but it's also the home of the SEC Power Poll.


Frank Helps You Think It All Out: A Tulane blog? Hell yeah!

Best National Blog:

The Wizard of Odds: How do you not vote for this guy? His Reporters' Notebooks posts are worth it by themselves.

And finally, since I forgot to include it in yesterday's post, my pick for the best post of the year: Joe Cribb's Car Wash - Arrested Development explains the SEC