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OC Candidate Update: McElwain AND McNulty in Tuscaloosa?

OTS was on to something a little while ago. Two of the blogs (Bama Beat and Crimson Chatter) are now reporting that Rutgers OC John McNulty is on campus, and that Fresno State OC Jim McElwain is there with him. From Bama Beat:

Rutgers offensive coordinator John McNulty interviewed today for the opening on Alabama's coaching staff. The Newark Star-Ledger confirmed the news through "a person who spoke with the Scarlet Knights assistant." That person also said, "he expected McNulty to stay at Rutgers," the story said.

So ... how about fellow candidate Jim McElwain of Fresno State, who reportedly made it to Tuscaloosa late Sunday night and interviewed earlier today? first reported the arrival of each prospective offensive coordinator candidate.

Sounds like we'll have a name here shortly.

I'm not sure if McNulty would be a good hire, really. He'd likely spend most of his time drinking, trying to pick up women, and obsessing over Stringer Bell rather coming up with good game plans.