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No News is Good Still No News: UPDATED - McNulty on a plane?

Update [2008-1-28 15:7:3 by Todd]:
Scroll down for some hot plane tracking action!

As many of you read this weekend, Saban was supposedly meeting with Fresno State OC Jim McElwain yesterday, but this morning no one knows if the meeting even took place:

Alabama officials would not confirm any information regarding the search, which began on Jan. 16 when Major Applewhite left to become the University of Texas running backs coach.

Fresno State spokesman Steve Weakland would not confirm whether a meeting took place. As of late Sunday, Weakland said McElwain was still employed by Fresno State.

On Saturday, Bulldogs coach Pat Hill confirmed to the Fresno Bee that Saban called him earlier in the week for permission to speak with McElwain.

So, yeah. Anyway, it's going to be a busy day for me and I'm not sure how often I'll be able to keep checking in for more news. So if you see anything juicy, be sure and post a link in the comments for your fellow fans.

Update [2008-1-28 14:36:56 by outsidethesidelines]:

I was doing a little plane tracking earlier, and I noticed that this morning N1UA flew from Tuscaloosa to Scranton, Pennsylvania and back. The plane has been in Tuscaloosa for over two hours now. I did a little research, and I see that Scranton is the hometown of John McNulty, the Rutgers offensive coordinator that has been rumored as a candidate for the offensive coordinator opening.

There is no official verification yet, but put two and two together and you can pretty easily figure out that N1UA flew to Scranton to pick up McNulty and bring him to Tuscaloosa for an interview.