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Zeke Knight Update

Earlier this morning, a lot of really bad rumors about Zeke Knight being hospitalized raced their way around the Internet. Some stated that he was in critical condition, and was fighting for his life, others weren't quite as negative. A few speculated that Knight had suffered a stroke.

Fortunately, the worst rumors are apparently false. According to a recently posted article from Tide Sports, Knight was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center after workouts on Monday. Once there, he was treated for an undisclosed medical condition and was subsequently released.

At this point in time, due to privacy laws, nothing can really be officially announced regarding Knight's condition. The University stated that Knight had an undisclosed medical condition, that he was currently undergoing tests, and that there will be no further comment until all of the information is gathered. A confidential source, however, did tell Tide Sports that Knight was at home and feeling well.

All in all, I really just do not know what to make of this. Zeke Knight is a simply phenomenal athlete, and he was our best linebacker a year ago, and if healthy he will play a huge part of our defense in 2008. Unfortunately, he does have a history of serious medical issues -- he had to have surgery last year to have a heart murmur corrected -- and it looks like he may have another serious medical issue on his hands as we speak. I don't know if this is any way related to the heart murmur, but it is seemingly pretty serious.

We should all be very thankful that Zeke is at home and currently doing well, but suddenly a stud player on our 2008 team has turned into a massive question mark. At this point, though, we should just all be hoping that Zeke can get whatever this is sorted out and back out full health. Football obviously takes a back seat in this situation.

Get well soon, Zeke.