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SEC Power Poll: The Final Ballot

1. LSU: Handled things like they've been capable, if unwilling, to do all season against a pretty stout defense in tOSU.

2. Georgia: I honestly thought Hawaii was going to at least put up a decent fight and have a puncher's chance in the Sugar Bowl, but good God man, that was just ugly.

Did somebody say ugly?

3. Tennessee: They won the eastern division in less than spectacular fashion, sure, but they did win it and then went on to best a respectable Wisconsin in their bowl, so here they go.

4. Florida: Defensive brain fart against Michigan aside, by the end of the year the offense was maddeningly productive, and they could easily make a run at the MNC again next year.

5. Mississippi State: Probably the scariest team you could face this season (well, after about week three, anyway). Wasn't a very good team, but they force their opponents to play perfect ball and made you pay for any little mistake you might make. Even though my own beloved Tide fell to the Bulldogs (again, sigh), it was kind of heart warming seeing Croom get some wins and a bowl victory after being a generally nice guy that's doing the right thing in a terrible situation.

6. Auburn: Just like Mississippi State, the Teagles have won by letting you beat yourself this season, and that continued on into the Peach Bowl. Fitting that Kodi Burns scored the winning TD while Cox was on the bench.

7. Alabama: Not a good team, not a bad team, amazing at times, head scratchingly, remote control throwingly, profanity laced tirade-ingly frustrating at times, but generally just, well, a half way decent football team with a boat load of issues to overcome.

8. Kentucky: It will be interesting to see if the 'Cats can maintain their success next season after losing so much talent. Caught a break with half of FSU's team sitting at home.

9. Arkansas: Just, wow. I mean, Mizzou pulled their skirts up and had their sinister way with them in the Cotton Bowl. Embarassing.

10. Vandy: So much misspent optimism...

11. South Carolina: Whatever.

12. Ole Miss: If six or seven wins, a bowl bid now and again, and reasonably regular beatings of Mississippi State will make Ole Miss fans happy, then Houston Nutt just walked into paradise. But this about the '07 season, a season in which the Rebels sucked mightily.