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Your RBR Friday Not So Random Ten...

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...pays tribute to Hank Williams, Jr., southern rock icon, Tide fan, and Official Hero of Roll Bama Roll tm:

He's also playing at Coleman tonight, so there's that, too.

Since I'm playing fast and loose with the rules this week, you guys can list ten songs from one of your favorite artists instead of the usual shuffle, so cheat away and make yours look as cool as you like for once.

  1. OD'd in Denver
  2. (I Don't Have) Anymore Love Songs
  3. I've Been Down
  4. Finders are Keepers
  5. Heaven Can't Be Found
  6. If the South Woulda Won
  7. A Country Boy Can Survive
  8. Big Mamou
  9. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound
  10. Major Moves