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Todd's Friday Embarrassing Admission...

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...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

So I was at Target a few weeks ago, looking through the DVD section, and what did I discover?  This:


That's right, folks, I got all a twitter over the discovery that Melrose Place is now out on DVD, and my first reaction was to buy it that very night.  I did not do it, though, because I was with the Girl and was rightfully embarrassed about admitting my love for horrible fox soap operas to both the checkout clerks and her (though it did cross my mind to see if she would pay for it so it wouldn't look like I was the one buying it), and because the football loving part of me reminded me that the hours and hours I would be spending on Saturdays watching football would preclude me from devouring an entire season in one sitting (don't think it hasn't been done), so instead I made a mental note that after the season was over Melrose Place would be mine and all four available seasons are now currently in my wishlist.  Ridicule away, or own up to your own embarassing love for horrible television in the comments below.