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It's Meltdown Time... Again

Unfortunately time constraints kept us from posting the weekly meltdown thread last week, but fear not, we've got plenty of good meltdowns for you this week. Let's get started, shall we? As is always the case, registration may be required to follow some links.


The first meltdown comes straight the Ole Miss message boards, after a disappointing loss, at home, to South Carolina. CordovaReb has basically given up for Ole Miss -- which is not to say that his thoughts are not objectively justified -- but nevertheless he has entirely given up:

And that is our lot in life. When we come to terms to accept that, then these losses will be easier to tolerate.  We will never be LSU, Florida, Georgia, or Alabama.  We won NC 40 or 50 years ago during different financial and racial times.  We may, as we did last week, occasionally slip up on on someone, but no one, or I should say none of the sports broadcasters or prognosticators, had us winning this game.  With or without the talent Nutt's recruited (and Arkansas will tell you he sucks at recruiting), we will continue to be the sub-par distant cousin to the SEC elite. 

We are not today, tomorrow, next week, next century in a position to be competing for conference or national championships in any sport.  Period. End of Story. Take it to the bank.  Put it in your pipe and smoke it.  We can be competitive, but not champions. 

Nothing wrong with competitive, but when you dream of something so much better then it makes consoling yourself that much harder.


Moving forward, Hog fans aren't too happy about losing their third consecutive game in blowout fashion. Hogsbreathe had a lot on his mind this afternoon after the Florida blowout:

yet here we are again , after yet another blowout, and the same old yada,yada,yada. I not going to talk about the game or what took place. It is the same game played 3 weeks in a row. Only difference is the defense showed a little heart after getting drummed for 2 straight weeks and stood up for a couple quarters, and that Florida couldn't get out of their on way with mistakes.   

But this garbage, some of you people keep spewing forth is mind boggling. Crap like the players have no talent, or that the upperclassmen are not buying into the system. Or better yet that he doesn't have the right players for his scheme, and this is my favorite of all, that BP's system is so complex that it will take players a couple of years to grasp it.   

 Give me a freakin break. That has got to be the biggest bunch of hogwash I have every heard.  For starters, players not buying into the system , come on players want to play end of story.  As for talent how many of you people really think that Arkansas can recruit on the level of USC,LSU,OHIO STATE, etc............... Well I got news for you we wont. Never have and we never will. Talent yes we can get our fair
share but not 5 stars at every spot like the afore mentioned.   

 And as for BP's genius, complex, beyond the grasp of mortal men schemes,LMAO
A man who knows more about football than all of us put together once said
"the efficiency is in the simplicity". What I mean is if your system is so hard to understand that it takes a couple of years to "Get it"  then your system sucks. And if the only way your system works is if you have the best QB in the country and the running game will only work if I have a BIG back that is 6"2  240 and runs a 4.4. Which is what BP has used as an excuse for our lack of commitment to our running game, which is far better than our passing game,  then once again your system sucks.    
   Now I am more than willing to give BP a chance even though he is not the one I wanted to hire, and I do not think he is the right man for the job.  But people, let's
take a deep breathe and step back for a second and take the situation for what it is.
We are a bad team with a few really good players, some good players, and some average players, and most are young.  And we have a coach the had a very good run with a team against lesser competition for the most part. When BP stepped up to the level of Big Boys he got hammered in the NFL. Now he is in the SEC and we all know it is the closest thing to the NFL. So I think that BP has a little learning to do, and tweaking of his system to make it work. I say by the end of the year mistakes should be cut down somewhat. By next year we should see a lot of improvement, and a bowl game. Say Independence Bowl. And by the next year contend for the SEC West. I think that is fair don't you all.

P.S. And look I didn't mention our old coach one time LOL....


And then we have the Tennessee debacle. After starting out 1-3, the Vols barely squeaked by Northern Illinois tonight in Knoxville, so complete and utter disaster has been temporarily averted. Nevertheless, we have plenty of good material. First off is sadvol, who is thankfully living up to his user name (and he's also found that avatar created specifically for Saints fans):

We're the only team in the SEC East... that does not control its own destiny.

OMG... Vand and Kentucky control their own destiny.

"It's the end of the world as we know it"


Unfortunately, though, there is still at least one Tennessee fan who is just too damn dumb to read the writing on the wall. Ucvol1 explains his thoughts in the post entitled, "Not the worst I've seen!":

I still can't forget our team getting beat by Memphis!!!!!! I hope they were seriously overlooking NIU! Remember OSU and Ohio U earlier this year? Ohio U probably should have won that game. We may all be surprised by what our team does against Georgia, after all they were supposed to stomp us last year also. Not putting on orange colored glasses, but things can turn up as fast as they turned down. On the right track with QB but desperately need OL to play better. Remember don't sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff!!!! God bless



Meanwhile, in the Auburn corner of the virtual universe, gems are aplenty after the loss to Vanderbilt. We'll start things off with an irate Auburn midshipman currently serving in the Navy:

I am out to sea in the Navy and they did not show the game but, I watched in on and even from there I could tell that our Offense looked like *%$+. I am sick and tired of this *%$+. How many times can Chris F#%$in Todd do well in the first half and come out in the second and give the game away. Was it poor play calling or a little bit of both. For those of you who were able to watch this disgrace to our beloved program could you enlighten me on what took place. I mean how do you score two touchdowns in the first quarter and then just become stagnate. I only have one question. IS THERE ANY WAY THEY WILL FIRE CTF? What will it take to finally see this was a bad choice on CTT behalf. Granted we have some guys coming in that may have not looked at us before but right now we have to figure out how to fix this and do so. Does this mean CTT, has it come to this???? If so then I have been saying it all week. Go out there and get the one head coach out there who knows how to coach speed and talent, someone who has won championships, BUTCH DAVIS. Go and get him pay him what he wants.


At the same time, stpr131545 thinks Tony Franklin has some alcohol problems, and it seems like he may have some problems of his own too:

Tony looks like a drunk. he calls plays like he is drunk



BloodTypeORANGEandBLUE has some prognostications for how the rest of the season will play out:

We will lose to ARK, WV, UGA, OM and BAMA. CHOKE ON THAT CTF!!!

God our offense - due completely to our OC -



And finally, as a bit of an off-topic, this one might be one of the greatest meltdowns ever. This one comes straight from the mouth of freakmaster, in the wake of the Chicago Cubs being swept out of the playoffs, in the thread entitled "MLB should contract the Cubs and end this farce":

Even better than seeing Pinella and Hendry fired would be for MLB to put this pitiful, disgusting, loser franchise out of its existence.  There really should be a rule that if you can't win one f$@^%&* World Series in 100 years, then you don't get to exist anymore.   There should be a price to pay for such incompetence and inepitude.  Absolute losers.  How many wasted hours have I put into these ass clown frauds the past 29 years.  F'em all.  I hope Wrigley burns to the ground.  29 years of being a diehard fan of this joke of a team -- there won't be a 30th year.  All the shirts and hats are going in the garbage.  Not another dime on anything related to this team.  No more watching the games, no more reading the papers, no more checking the stats.  I'm sick and tired of being let down.  Those jackasses wearing the pinstripes don't give a rats ass about me -- or any of you.  I will now no longer give a rats ass back.

Good luck to all of you who choose to continue to give your heartfelt support.  Your gonna need it because if there's anything I've learned from 29 years of this, it ain't ever gonna get better.  There is no light at the end of the tunnel and there never will be the one thing I wanted so badly - to see this team win a World Series.