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We're Going to Score Some TDs on the Bulldogs Random 10

My random 10 is all over the place this week. LA hardcore/punk, Indian classical, bluegrass, Brit rock, Cambodian flavored psychedelia, livetronica, alt-country (what does that even mean anymore?), shoegazer, etc. The videos below don't correspond perfectly as far as songs go, but the bands are in the right order (Garcia & Grisman were skipped over though.) In particular, check out the banjo/fiddle/beatbox version of "Hit 'Em Up Style" in the lower left by Carolina Chocolate Drops.

1. Tom Waits - "Jesus Gonna Be Here"
2. Black Flag - "Nervous Breakdown"
3. Kartik Seshadri - "Raga Basant Mukhari"
4. Oasis - "Rockin' Chair"
5. Ryan Adams - "Magnolia Mountain"
6. Dengue Fever - "Saran Wrap"
7. Carolina Chocolate Drops - "Short Life of Trouble"
8. Sound Tribe Sector 9 - "Evasive/Kamuy"
9. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - "Been All Around This World"
10. Starflyer 59 - "Ideas for the Talented"