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Random Thoughts on Gameday

  • I hope Coach Saban's message from Thursday night was heard loud and clear and that all of the fans bring their A-game to the stadium tonight. Though his message seemed to be met with overwhelming approval, I must say that I'm a bit shocked by the amount of people that were up in arms about it on Finebaum yesterday. Are there people that seriously believe, in the year 2008, that football coaches don't use that kind of language? I heard people on Finebaum saying stuff like "I know Coach Bryant or Coach Stallings never would've used those words around their teams, much less in public." Ummm, yeah, okay. My middle school football coach said worse things than that and the stories that used to circulate from the guys on my high school team make it laughable to think that people are getting bent out of shape over this. Heck, I've had baseball and soccer coaches say things infinitely worse than what Saban said. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but I just can't believe people are honestly surprised by it. Anyway, I hope BDS is loud and proud tonight. Hope the team brings their A-game too.
  • There have been countless stories written about Alabama being upset by Mississippi State the last two years and about Mississippi State knocking off #1 Alabama in 1980. Thankfully, what happened in 1980 is irrelevant today, but a lot of players on both sides of the ball from the previous two contests will be playing today, so it's in their hands and Mississippi State clearly isn't intimidated. Alabama definitely has a challenge on their hands today and they cant let their #1 ranking or the fact that they're a 22 point favorite try to win the game instead of coming out and blasting the Bulldogs with powerful, sound football.

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