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Iron Bowl Injury Update

According to published reports, Auburn tight end Tommy Trott has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and he will miss the remainder of the season. The loss of Trott is far from an insignificant one for Auburn, because Trott was one of the Tigers' best receivers and one of the few offensive options that they had who could create legitimate match-up problems.

A few more Tigers, like Wes Byrum and Brad Lester, are banged up, but I imagine they will play in the Iron Bowl, though in all honesty they probably will not be quite 100%.

As for Alabama, things are pretty quiet on the injury front. Rolando McClain had the minor thumb surgery, but he won't miss any time, and everyone else should be good to go as well. Terrance Cody will be as healthy as he has been since his injury, and both Roy Upchurch and Earl Alexander should play as well. At this point, the only likely absence will be Will Oakley, but Oakley probably wouldn't have played very much, if any, regardless of his health.