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The Friday Random Ten...

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...slept 'til noon today, so please forgive the lateness.  Y'all know how to play: put your iPod/iTunes/Zune/whatever on shuffle and list the first ten songs that come up.  No cheating to make yours look cooler or to avoid having ugly, white trash elves in your ten, so no swapping Taylor Swift for Neko Case, comer.  Here's mine:

  1. Master Shake - Nude Love (Reprise)
  2. Mary Lou Lord - His Lamest Flame
  3. Johnny Cash - Man in White
  4. Hound Dog Taylor - Kansas City
  5. The Statler Brothers - I'll Be the One
  6. Whiskeytown - My Hometown
  7. Galactic - Lumpology
  8. Hound Dog Taylor - The Sun is Shining
  9. Howlin' Wolf - Rockin' Daddy
  10. Tom Petty - A Face in the Crowd

Considering Coach Saban has encouraged the fanbase to make BDS "a place they don't ever want to come back to again" it's appropriate that the ol' iTunes dropped two from Hound Dog Taylor's Genuine House Rocking Music.  So to help put everyone in the right mood: