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Week Ten BlogPoll Ballot Submitted

1. Alabama - vs Arkansas State - W 35-0

The ugliest team in the country that simply will not lose.  Defense is evil, offense is competent, and the coaches are smarter than you.  Everyone else can put up all the numbers they want, but until we lose, no more waffling.  Alabama stays at #1.

2. Texas Tech - vs Texas - W 39-33

3. Penn State - idle

4. Florida - vs Georgia - W 39-10

Didn't really have to do much on offense since Georgia kept handing them a short field, but they are still scary good on offense and improving on defense.  If not for the Ole Miss debacle, they would probably be #1 in all the polls, and rightfully so.

5. Southern Cal - vs Washington - W 56-0

6. Texas - at Texas Tech - L 33-39

Showed a lot of heart in the second half, but at some point the pass D was going to get them.

7. Oklahoma - vs Nebraska - W 62-28

8. Utah - at New Mexico - W 13-10

9. Boise State - at New Mexico State - W 49-0

10. Oklahoma State - vs Iowa State - W 59-17

11. Ball State - idle

12. Missouri - at Baylor - W 31-28

13. TCU - at UNLV - W 44-14

14. Georgia - vs Florida - L 10-49


15. Michigan State - vs Wisconsin - W 25-24

I normally wouldn't have bumped the Spartans up for this win since they really didn't do much to earn it, but others ahead of them fell, so a one spot jump it is.

16. North Carolina - idle

17. Ohio State - idle

18. LSU - vs Tulane - W 35-10

19. Maryland - idle

20. Georgia Tech - vs Florida State - W 31-28

21. Tulsa - at Arkansas - L 23-30

So much for the irrelevant and meaningless revenge, eh Malzahn?  I'm sorely tempted to give Arkansas a Mr. Irrelevant vote at #25 for this since it looks like things are finally coming together for them.  They've moved the ball well all season long, but have killed themselves with turnovers and defensive lapses from a very young team.  They will be scary next year.

22. Northwestern - at Minnesota - W 24-17

23. Air Force - at Army - W 16-7

Do they deserve to be ranked?  Probably not.  The Falcons have zero quality wins, but they are 7-2 and I felt like ranking a service academy.  if you hate America, disagree. Go ahed, I dare you.

24. West Virginia - at UConn - W 35-13

Um, WTF?  After looking hopelessly lost to start the season they suddenly found their legs and put a good whipping on a sound UConn defense.  They're back in the rankings, if only because at least one Big East team has to be ranked, right?  Right?

25. Minnesota - vs Northwestern - L 17-24

It was either leave in the Gophers or the Seminoles, both of which blundered the game away with a ridiculous turnover.  I decided to keep Minnesota since at least theirs was such a fluky turn of events that you can't really punish them too hard.  But then again, they shouldn't have been throwing the ball in that situation and Florida State was relying on a second string RB.  But then again, Florida State plays in the ACC.  But then again, Minnesota plays in the Big Ten.  Whatevs, man.  Whatevs.  Gophers it is.

Dropped Out: #22 Florida State, #23 UConn, #24 Virginia