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Todd's Friday Embarrassing Admission...

...or, Todd Attempts to Curry Favor With the Football Gods by Admitting his Moral, Cultural, and Intellectual Flaws in a Very Public Manner.

All right guys, this one is a doozy since it's LSU week and we need a good win to stay ahead in the polls.  So you know that Disney movie "Angels in the Outfield,"  where the kid's dad says he won't leave him if the Angels win the World Series or whatever (because they apparently suck and that was a crazy longshot thing to say), and so the kid prays that God will help them and suddenly angels that only he can see start helping the team, and whenever an Angel is there he stands up in the stands and waves his arms like wings so the pitcher knows they are going to help him (it's been awhile and I'm pretty fuzzy on the details, but I think the pitcher knew about it somehow)?  And you know how, at the end, when the angels aren't there for some reason, and the kid still stands up to signal the pitcher to try and make him believe he can get the last strike out or whatever even though he's on his own?  And you know how the rest of the stadium catches on and suddenly everyone in the stands stands up and starts waving their arms too?  I cried like a little girl during that scene, and I was way too old to even be watching the movie much less crying over it at the time.  And even more damning (and also wholly unexpected)?  Just thinking about it now sent more than one tear down my cheeks as I'm typing this.  So yeah, that better be worth some TDs..  Leave yours in the comments below.

...go ahead and make fun, you'd have to be a robot not to get at least a little teary over it...