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I am not ashamed to beg... which I mean I am totally willing to whore out RBR for some product placement right about now, so if the following companies are willing to trade appropriate (by which, in most cases, I mean unlimited) amounts of their goods and services to a popular and influential blog that will heartily endorse them to a passionate fanbase that will buy just about anything, please feel free to contact us at rollbamaroll -at-


1) Zaxby's:  There isn't a single thing that I have tried there that I didn't immediately think "I could eat this every single day."  That's the kind of copy you will see on this blog at least four times a week should you provide us with some sort of card or magic bean that will allow me to walk into any Zaxby's in the country (or even the city of Birmingham) and eat for free.


2) Fanta:  Technically this one falls under the umbrella of Coca Cola, but I'm pretty sure Coke doesn't need anyone's help.  Their weird, apparently Indian, fruit flavored sodas, on the other hand, probably do, and that's where we come in.  I've already shared my feelings about Fanta Pineapple for free; if you want some glowing reviews of the rest of the gang, I will gladly accept three (3) crates of each flavor for sampling purposes.


3) Westinghouse:  Even if you do get sold at at least both Target and Best Buy, I see the "Westinghouse" logo on a TV and I think "store brand." Even Vizio, which I used to consider a Wal-Mart brand, has an endorsement deal with ESPN and has upped their profile.  I'm not saying we can deliver the same kind of brand recognition that a "brought to you by" bumper on ESPN can, but I will willingly watch Alabama games on your TVs (42" or more minimum) and rave about the crystal clear picture quality during our open game threads, all while touting their affordability and sleek, stylish good looks.

That's it for now, but if anyone knows of a good company that produces dinosaurs and is looking for some good PR, send them our way.