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Submit Your Questions for "Hey Todd!"

he RBR Radio Hour(ish) resumes tonight, and since OTS will not be joining us, that means you, dear readers, will be my co-hosts for the evening.  Things we can and might talk about:

  1. The start of the bowl season this weekend
  2. The SEC Coaching Carousel
  3. The fiasco that will surely be the '09 edition of "Girl Fight!"
  4. Playoffs are bad, m'kay
  5. Finebaum Caller Impersonations
  6. Giant Foam Cowboy Hats: Too Casual for Black Tie Affairs?

It really completes the look.

So leave your comments, questions, and topic ideas in the comments below, and join me at 8 pm CST over at TalkShoe for what will probably be the most unfocused and unorganized edition yet!