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Tuesday Crimson Tide Roundup

  • It's good to see that the team and coaches aren't taking Utah as lightly as some of the fans are. John Parker Wilson has gone so far as to say this season will essentially be a bust if the Tide doesn't roll in New Orleans:

    "We've had a great season up to this point, something we'll all remember," Wilson said. "But if we don't go out and win this game, it's going to be all for nothing."

    "If we can go out and win this game, win a Sugar Bowl, win a BCS game, it'll kind of wrap everything up," Wilson said. "If we don't, we'll be just another team, another season."

    Coach Nick Saban had this to say about the Utes:

    "This is a lot better team than everybody thinks." He then paused and repeated the line for additional impact. "This is as good a team as we've played all year long, in terms of what they do," Saban said. "And I can promise you that.

    Some Utah fans misinterpreted Nick Saban's earlier comments about being the only team in the country to go undefeated in a real BCS conference as a slight against their team. I'm pretty sure CNS' quote above erases any doubt about that earlier statement.

  • The Huntsville Times has a nice story about Utah running back Matt Asiata and his wife Tangi.
  • There have been a lot of questions around here about who will be QB next year. According to Coach Saban, it's an open position and will not be inherited. Glad to see that there'll be competition for it. That should drive all of the potential starters and make them all better hopefully. Here's his actual words on the matter:
  • We will have competition for the position next year," Saban said. "(McElroy) has the most experience right now, but we're certainly going to let everybody compete for it and make a decision about who can do the best job of helping us win.

  • PJ Fitzgerald and Leigh Tiffin talk about squaring off against Utah punter/kicker Louie Sakoda who was a finalist for both the Ray Guy and Lou Groza Awards. Both of our guys are going to have their work cut out for them. Sakoda is obviously pretty awesome at both punting and kicking.