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Your Boxing Day Friday Random 10

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Would've totally forgotten to do the Random 10 today if it weren't for bamavicki's reminder. I have to say that today's Random 10 is pretty freaking amazing. Everything from garage rock to French jazz to Joy Division to outlaw country to the complete awesomeness that is 16 Horsepower covering Leonard Cohen. All of the links below either take you a YouTube or to a soundclip of the song, so enjoy...

1. King Khan & The Shrines - Burning Inside
2. Paris Combo - Je Ne Sais Qui Fumer
3. Faith No More - The Jungle
4. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
5. Hank Williams III - Mississippi Mud (NSFW)
6. DeVotchKa - Transliterator
7. Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Tonight the Ocean Swallowed the Moon
8. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Big Friday
9. 16 Horsepower - The Partisan
10. Snowden - Anti-Anti

As a thank you for reminding us to do the Random 10 today and in a show of Boxing Day benevolence, beefcake for the many wonderful ladies of RBR after the jump...

Ladies...Mr. Jude Law: