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Girl Fight #14: Brittany Snow vs What's Her Name

Well, I asked the posters over at the message board to restrain themselves to only one vote each. Since it looked like Rachel Bilson had this thing wrapped up all through the day I assumed that she had this thing in hand and that the McAdams zealots had decided to help keep things honest by not stuffing the ballot box, but a late night surge for McAdams gave her 54% of the vote and a chance to win it all. I'm not ready to call shenanigans just yet, but there's something fishy about that many votes coming in after 11:00ish pm (the last time I checked the count, with Bilson still a good 20% ahead). Anyway, for good or ill, McAdams is now in the championship game to take on the winner of today's match:

Seriously, people, how can you even think of voting for Johansson? If the being engaged to Ryan Reynolds thing isn't enough, just look at her. She has a sinister mustache AND a hairy chest! Does Brittany Snow have a sinister mustache and hairy chest? No, no she doesn't. The choice is clear. And if it isn't:

You WILL vote for BRITTANY...You WILL vote for BRITTANY...You WILL vote for BRITTANY...