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Tuesday Evening Links and Such

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Just a few quick hits for your late evening perusal:

Assistant Basketball Coach Kobie Baker was taken to the hospital after a car accident last night. He's fine and expected to make a full recovery, but will likely miss the Ole Miss game.

Richard Hendrix, however, will not:

Hendrix, Alabama's leading scorer and rebounder, missed last Saturday's game at Kentucky with a stomach virus. He returned to practice on Monday and a day later said he was "feeling good"

The Tide (13-11, 2-7) has lost seven of its last nine games, including a 62-52 defeat at Kentucky without Hendrix. The Rebels (17-5, 3-5) have lost four of their last five SEC games.

Hendrix's return comes in time for a matchup with the Rebels' Curtis, who is averaging 15.4 points and 9.2 rebounds. Curtis is the league's No. 2 rebounder.

Joe Kines to Texas A&M?

The Dallas Morning News reported Monday that former Alabama defensive coordinator Joe Kines is the top candidate to be the DC at Texas A&M under new DC Mike Sherman.

Sherman lost his first DC, Reggie Herring, to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. And former Notre Dame coach Bob Davie turned down a job offer to replace Herring.

If you'll take a look to your right and down a ways in the links section, you'll see a few new additions: The Red Elephants, Tipsy Tiders, Third Satuday in Blogtober (which isn't new and I'm sure you're all reading anyway and whom I thought we had linked a long time ago but, oopsie), Drunken Omelette, and DBH Dance Party. As always, if you start up a Bama blog, e-mail us at rollbamaroll -at- so we can link you.

Finally, just in case any of our readers are the forgetful husband/boyfriend type, are also in (or relatively close to) Birmingham, and need to come up with something quick to do for Valentine's Day to keep from getting in trouble:

Valentine with Vulcan
Dessert & Champagne Reception
Thursday, February 14
8 - 11 pm

$40 couple / $20 individual

If sweet treats hold the key to your true love's heart, then Vulcan Park and Museum is the place to be this Valentine's Day. Join us for Valentine with Vulcan 2008, a dessert and champagne reception that will provide all the elements of a colossal Valentine's Day. Surprise your valentine with a romantic evening of live music, champagne, sweet confections, breathtaking views and more...under the stars at Vulcan Park and Museum. Enjoy...

Just a suggestion.