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An Open Letter to LSU

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Disclaimer: This post really has nothing to do with Alabama football...

Dear LSU:

I've only been to your stadium 2006 for the game against Alabama. Despite the recent animosity between our programs, I look back on that trip fondly as easily the funnest football road trip I've ever been on. Your fans showered me with food, drink and kindness and it was a memorable experience to say the least despite the loss.

One thing though, I don't recall hearing the song "Start Wearing Purple" that weekend and it'd been out for a year and a few months at the time of that game. Maybe y'all do use it and I don't remember, but if you don't use it, you should. It's a great sing along song anyway, but it'd be out of this world hearing 90+K of you all sing it at a game. Maybe you could even use it between the third and fourth quarter like Wisconsin uses "Jump Around" or something. I realize that Louisiana culture is pretty different from Ukranian gypsy culture, but you both have a reputation for hard partying so it could work.

Having seen these guys in concert and having partied with you guys, I can say that Gogol Bordello playing homecoming or something in Baton Rouge would be ridiculously fun. Just something to think about. I'd travel down there for it...especially if you can hook it up the night before the Bama game this year.

Closing statement: Yeah, so, that was kind of a weird post, but I've been listening to GB a lot lately and can't believe LSU hasn't picked that tune up yet.