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Nico Chimes In

Okay everybody. Calm down. Bama fans calm down. Michigan fans calm down. This has turned into a parade of ridiculousness on both sides. I don't have time to fully address this right now since I'm about to go out of town for the rest of the day, but suffice it to say that I think both sides have escalated this well beyond where it should be. It's okay to disagree but I don't like the personal attacks and I don't like the generalizations about people because of their place of origin. This has all gone way too far.

I didn't start this blog to see it turn into this. This is one of the biggest and best Alabama blogs out there and I believe it's because we've set a high standard for ourselves both as writers and as a community. Even outside of the Alabama blogging world, we have the respect of our peers (nominations for BEST SEC BLOG two years in a row as well as an individual nomination for a post this year.)

I was hoping this was going to go away quietly, but that doesn't look to be the case. Stop pouring fuel on the fire. Let's raise the standard back to where it should be. We can debate what we think are irrational or poorly thought out arguments, but we don't have to do it with such venom.

C'mon everybody, let's get this train back on the track.

I'm **this** close to asking one of the network admins to turn off commenting for 48 hours. Police yourselves, don't make me do it.

Update [2008-2-15 16:4:26 by Nico]:
...and we're going to lock comments for 24 hours because some people don't know when enough is enough.