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It's Not A Waste of Money If It Has Alabama On It!

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Do you love table shuffleboard? Do you love the Alabama Crimson Tide? And do you hate that spending time playing shuffleboard takes time away from your following of the Tide, and vice versa? If you answered yes to the three questions directly above, then we here at RBR have just the solution for you. I present to you the Alabama Crimson Tide "Qualifier Series" 9 Ft. Shuffleboard Unit:

This beautifully crafted piece comes direct to you from Champion, the world's largest shuffleboard manufacturer, and offers the finest playing surface available with a solid maple playfield. And don't worry about outsourcing, folks, this table is made right here in the ol' USA. This magnificent Alabama centerpiece can be yours for a mere $2,895.00, only a small six or seven hundred dollar mark-up from the exact same table not adorned with your favorite college's logos. (Assembly required; J-Bar scoring unit (shown) not included, sold separately.)

Update [2008-2-21 13:20:35 by Todd]:

In our never ending quest to know you, the RBR reader, better, there's a poll to the right asking what you guys would spend your money on if you happened to come in to $3,000.