RollBamaRoll in Tuscaloosa

Last year a few of us regulars on here talked about doing a RBR tailgating event in T-town for one of the games, with RBR's blessing of course.  Unfortunately, we talked about it after the season had started and with scheduling conflicts, lack of prep time, and other issues, we did not get a chance to make this happen.  I would like to start planning a couple of get togethers for home games if anyone is still interested.  I know, for me, I will have plenty of free time once our season ends here in July, so I would be more than happy to help.  I know at one point Nico, CaptStu and I were going to get together for the LSU game, but the wife was having some complications that made that not happen.

Is anyone interested in getting a group of us Tide fans together for a gameday or two?  Between now and then I am sure I can scrounge together a tent - maybe even borrow one from here - and if we can get a power source for a TV, some food, maybe some RBR flags/small banners, it would be a lot of fun and great pub. for the website.  What do you guys think?

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