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Rashad Johnson Arrested

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Alabama safety, and team captain, Rashad Johnson has been arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

According to published reports, the incident occurred outside the Legacy Bar on the Strip. Apparently police witnessed a disturbance inside, and then saw a man being escorted out. At that point, another man (presumably Johnson) intervened and pushed one of the security officers out the door. Though there has been no official clarification as to date, the sound of the various report seemingly indicate that Johnson shoved a bar security person, and not a police offer. Either way, he was arrested and taken to the Tuscaloosa Metro Jail and held on a bail of $500.00.

Now, in all fairness, this does not seem to be a very serious charge. Apparently it was nothing more than a shove, and Johnson has a good character background from all that I can tell. He is a former walk-on who not only made the team but also earned a scholarship on his way to being an All-SEC selection -- sufficed to say, no small task -- and he is also apparently close to earning his degree in Computer Science. And, moreover, I have not heard anything about a criminal past with him. Considering the totality of the circumstances, Johnson is likely headed for a very light punishment, if any at all, from the legal authorities.

However, the concerning part is just a point of the matter. We are a team that has suffered greatly the past two years from almost a complete lack of senior leadership, and we desperately need that to change if we are to reverse our fortunes. Obviously, Johnson's actions run counter to all we need to have present this season on the leadership and discipline front. Though the charges in this case are effectively the lightest criminal charges possible, nevertheless this is the last thing we need to hear from our rising seniors.