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Tidbits from Saban's Press Conference

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Update [2008-2-26 17:50:11 by Todd]:
I finally got the embeds to work, so here are both parts.

Tide Sports has video of Saban's Press Conference today where a lot of issues were addressed:

* Jeremy Elder has been dismissed from the team.

* It's not likely that Rashad Johnson will face a suspension for his arrest over the weekend. Saban makes reference to Johnson's leadership and that he would be pleased with his own children if they had his character, but he also thinks Johnson used poor judgement to get himself into that situation.

* Prince Hall has been indefinitely suspended for a "violation of team rules" and will not be allowed to participate in spring practice. His status will be determined at some point in the future. (ed.- duh.) If you'll recall, Hall sat the first few games and lost his starting job to true freshman Rolando McClain for a "violation of team rules" last season, so you have to wonder if Hall will be allowed a third strike, so to speak.

* No decision has been made on a medical scholarship for Zeke Knight. On a side note, I'm a big girl, and therefor a sucker for feel good stories like Zeke's (came in as a receiver, never made an impact, shuffled to DE, had medical issues, and then became a huge asset for the Tide at LB) and will really be upset if the kid has to quit football.

* Kirby Smart is now the defensive coordinator, while Kevin Steele was promoted to assistant head coach and "head defensive coach," whatever that means.