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It's Not A Waste Of Money If It Has Alabama On It!

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Okay, so you've already sprung the extra ten bucks to get the custom cover of NCAA Football 2008 with the Alabama player on it, even though you had to give the guy your credit card number and the picture is kinda fuzzy and off-center. And you've probably re-named the rosters and put in all of the true freshman, too. And you may have even gone in and gave the 'Bama guys a boost in their skill ratings (EA hates Alabama!!!!) And of course you are probably on year eleven of your dynasty, currently have a record of 154-0, have nine Heisman Trophy winners, and immediately cut off your console any time losing seems to even be a realistic possibility in the second half. But what do you do if that's not enough? What if you still feel that you need to take your fandom to the next level?

If those last two questions ring true for you, then we here at RBR have just the solution for you. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present you the Alabama Crimson Tide Quasicade Arcade System:

That's right, folks, this is the first ever collegiate licensed arcade system, and it is designed specifically for you to play your favorite PC, X-Box, PlayStation 2, or Gamecube video games. You can enjoy all of those games on the Quasicade via its 27" high resolution digital flat screen monitor, its satellite speaker system complete with a high-powered subwoofer for added bass, and the patented QuasiCON 2P Control System. Also included is a backlit marquee with a hidden storage compartment, and a retractable keyboard and mouse tray. And you can take your fandom to the next level with this marvel of technological wonder! It can be all years for the small price of $1,995.00!

And besides, why spend two grand on a 60 inch Sony HDTV to play your games when you can play them on a 27" standard definition TV surrounded by a bunch of pressboard with an Alabama logo on the side for the exact same price?