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Rashad Johnson Offered Plea Deal

We have some developing news in the recent case with Rashad Johnson. As I'm sure you recall, he was recently arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct on the Strip. However, all signs point to Johnson being a high-character individual, and Coach Saban in particular was highly defensive of Johnson in his recent press conference.

And now we might know why Coach Saban took up so strongly for his starting safety.

The Birmingham News is reporting that Johnson has been offered a plea deal that will include the dismissal of the charge against him if he meets certain conditions. According to Johnson's attorney, Josh Swords, Johnson is currently pondering whether or not to accept the plea bargain. So why the quick change of pace? This little nugget just might explain why:

One of the issues being considered, Swords said, is that the police report authored by Tuscaloosa Police officer Derek Kilgore and the surveillance video taken from four angles at The Legacy that night offer different accounts.

Suddenly, with that information at hand, things start to make sense. It seems that Freddie Roach, a witness to the event, was right in his interview after the altercation. It seems that, according to the videotape -- and the camera generally doesn't lie -- the incident was a good bit different than what the reporting officer claimed, and now we have a plea deal being offered. I imagine that Johnson will get a small amount of community service, if that, and may just have to agree to not return to the Legacy.

Either way, it seems we should have some definite news by next week.