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Girl Fight #11: Elisha Cuthbert vs Brittany Snow

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The gang over at the message board pushed their girl over the top in a stunning come from behind rally yesterday. I see I'm going to have my hands full getting enough votes for Brittany Snow (or possibly Minka Kelly) since it looks like they'll be flexing enough ballot stuffing muscle to propel McAdams into the championship game. And speaking of Brittany Snow, today she takes on the suddenly less than sweethearty Elisha Cuthbert:

I actually would not have minded Cuthbert winning it all. She had that same blend of cute and sexy that made the McPhee so irresistable, but the recent "making out with Paris Hilton" flap has really taken her down a peg. Not so much the "making out with Paris Hilton" part, since my own shameful desire to do dirty, dirty things to Paris is well documented, but mostly because of the pictures:

Cuthbert just looks rough in those, and even a little mannish, which is not sweethearty at all. But you know what is? This:

Who are you to deny the classy adorablenicity that is Brittany Snow? NO ONE! THAT'S WHO! BEND TO MY TERRIFYING WILL! Updated bracket after the jump.