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The RBR Mailbag is Apparently Racist

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Got this e-mail tonight:

Does anyone really think that Star Jackson has a realistic chance of being a full-time QB at Alabama? Alabama's top QB target for next year, A.J. McCarron of St. Paul's (Mobile AL) doesn't seem to think so. He recently made several comments to the Mobile Press Register about QB's who scramble having virtually no chance in Jim McElwain's offense. Sounds like to me that young A.J. is either afraid that he, himself won't have much of a future if Star Jackson signs and is given a fair shot to play QB, which incidentally has never happened at the Capstone. Remember Andrew Zow, the school's all-time passing leader being forced to rotate with Tyler Watts, who was average-to-below-average, at best. Or either A.J. is trying to teach Star about the real HISTORY & TRADITION at Alabama and help him not waste 4-5 years of his life. Oh, well, we all have to live with the decisions that we make....and Star will get a lesson in history soon enough.

Personally, I think it sounds like the ignorant musings of a jackass Auburn fan trying to stir something up, but I thought you guys might like to discuss it.