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Girl Fight '08: Shenanigans!

So clearly a lot of you are upset over the "voting irregularities" committed in the name of Rachel McAdams yesterday. Personally, I found it highly amusing and appreciate the irony of a group of obsessed, rabid fans getting mad at another group of obsessed, rabid fans for acting like, well, a bunch of obsessed, rabid fans. But lawbama1 did make an excellent point; with this kind of voting no one else stands a chance. So what to do? As "unfair" as their stuffing of the ballot box might seem this is a blog open to everyone and even though they aren't necessarily part of the Alabama community you guys have built here, they have every right to cruise the internets looking for Rachel McAdams content and commenting (or, in this case, voting) on it. So even though the idea of having a "recount" to let you guys take another shot at voting Biel in crossed my mind, it's not going to happen. Sorry. But what I am going to do is encourage you guys to flood every Rachel Bilson message board and fan site you can find with links to the coming McAdams/Bilson vote. Fight fire with fire people.

It's all a moot point anyway, since no one can stop the Snow...