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Vote for us, or I'll name Rachel McAdams the Sweetheart NOW

So naturally we got nominated for Best SEC Blog on a day that we've pretty well done nothing but talk about Girl Fight '08!, which probably won't help us with any voters that ventured over here for the first time to see what we're all about.

And now, a shameless posting of a hott Brittany Snow pic. YOU WILL VOTE FOR HER!

Anyway, I'm fully prepared to play bridesmaid again considering we're up against the likes of Dawg Sports and Rocky Top Talk, two of the finest blogs out there, but I certainly implore all our friends in the blogosphere (that means you, fellow Bama bloggers and Nicole) to vote for OTS's 2007: Pythagorean Wins Revisited post in the Best Analysis category. The guy has done some amazing work ever since he came over to RBR, whether it's covering recruiting, crunching numbers, or just generally being smart about stuff, as opposed to me, who is only really good at posting YouTubes, fairly obvious jokes, and pictures of attractive celebrities, and Nico, who is weird (j/k, bff!). So anyway, while it's nice to be nominated for Best SEC Blog (which, don't get me wrong, we, like, totally want to win and stuff), it's better to have one of his great analytical posts recognized as one of the six best (and hopefully the best) of the year.