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Final Recruiting Update

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We have finally reached the very end for National Signing Day. The signing period will open now in about a mere eleven hours, and we will have things covered here at RBR.

To begin with, the commitment of Mark Ingram today was certainly exciting. He has good size at around 200 pounds, and he is lightning fast. He runs track in high school, and if you look at some of the times he has posted at meets, he legitimately has the speed needed to run track in the SEC. There are no two ways about it, he is an absolute burner. Saban and company got in a bit late on Ingram, but when they started to go after him they put on the full-court press, and it ended with his commitment. We'll have more on Ingram in the days after National Signing Day.

Now, moving on... We effectively have five prospects left on the board. Those five prospects are Julio Jones, Jerrell Harris, Marcel Dareus, Robert Quinn, and T.J. Bryant. All five of those prospects will announce tomorrow.

Commit Position Height Weight 40 Time Rating Announcement Time
Robert Quinn DE 6'5" 245 4.6 9:30
Marcel Dareus DT 6'4" 277 ? 10:00
T.J. Bryant DB 6'1" 175 4.4 11:00
Julio Jones WR 6'4" 215 4.48 11:30
Jerrell Harris LB 6'2" 220 4.5 2:00

Now, let's give one final update on the latest news with all of the prospects remaining on the board.

Robert Quinn will announce first tomorrow morning, and we are a longshot at best for him. We were a heavy leader for his services for a long time, but it seems now that he really wants to stay closer to home. The overwhelming odds are that he selects North Carolina tomorrow morning. Even most of the Alabama people have conceded that Quinn will not be coming to Tuscaloosa.

Marcel Dareus, and his brother Demerius, will announce tomorrow morning at a press conference at Huffman High. We were his leader, and then we got in the middle of a three-way glut with North Carolina and Auburn. At this stage, however, the momentum has seemingly shifted away from Auburn, and most people think that it is down to either Alabama and North Carolina. That likely bodes well for Alabama -- he has admitted that the distance factor will hurt the Tarheels -- and it seems like we have a great shot at getting him.

Julio Jones simply has to be an Alabama lock. If you needed any more evidence of that, just look at this past weekend's basketball game against LSU. The fact of the matter is that if Julio Jones goes anywhere but Alabama, he will absolutely shock everyone in the country -- including Alabama fans, non-Alabama fans, and all of the recruiting "experts" -- and he will have undoubtedly pulled off the greatest rope-a-dope the sports world has seen since Ali v. Foreman in Zaire in 1974.

T.J. Bryant is just a complete unknown, but for whatever reason, a lot of people think we have a great shot with him. Melvin Ray has promised some surprises, and Bryant came up to visit Tuscaloosa one weekend where he was the only visitor. A lot of people think he is coming to Alabama, though I think the smart money is probably still on Florida State. No one should be shocked, however, if he commits to Alabama.

Jerrell Harris, long considered an Auburn lean, is now effectively done with the Tigers. Believe it or not, there has essentially been a 180 degree change in his recruitment, and now most feel he will commit to Alabama tomorrow. The Rivals "experts" now have him coming to Alabama, and even Andrew Bone, who long held out that Harris was still an Auburn lean, thinks he will commit to Alabama as well. Our chances with Harris suddenly seem extremely good.

All in all, it could be a huge day for the Crimson Tide. Quinn is likely headed to North Carolina, but of the remaining four there is a realistic chance that we could sign all four. In fact,'s Andrew Bone expects us to do just that, so there is very much a legitimate possibility. Personally, I'm not totally convinced on Bryant, but if I had to say right now I think we will most likely get Julio, Harris, and Dareus.

At the end of the day, this is just going to be a very big class. We have 29 commitments already with the addition of Ingram, and I think we will at least get two commitments tomorrow, and quite possibly even three or four. We are likely going to end up with around 31-33 signees, and this class simply does not have that many potential academic casualties. Unless we just absolutely strike out on National Signing Day, we are going to have to get a couple of these guys to greyshirt.

Now, for tomorrow, I'm actually going to post the official National Signing Day thread late tonight. It will be a gameday type thread, and we will track all five of the commitments -- plus blurbs about a few huge recruits not on our radar, like Pryor -- in that thread. Please feel free to leave as many comments as you want, and make sure that you continuously refresh the page throughout the day to get the latest news.

Hope for the best.