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Girl Fight #12: Minka Kelly vs Scarlett Johansson

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Now that all that pesky "hauling in the #1 recruiting class in the country" business has been dealt with, it's back to more important decisions.

So I've been pretty vocal in my support of "Brittany Snow (or maybe Minka Kelly)", but I am honest to goodness torn on this one. Johansson is, for all intents and purposes, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood today, and even though she oozes sex appeal, she still doesn't appear to be the "oversexed starlet" type. I've already spoken of my fondness for her performance in Lost in Translation, and, as someone mentioned at some point, she was a real sweetheart in In Good Company (though hooking up with Topher Grace, even if it is in a movie, is automatic points off). So I can see why anyone would vote for her, and would consider it myself it weren't for two mitigating factors:

1. With Leather kinda already has dibs since they were on the Johansson bandwagon a long time ago (though, curiously, I haven't seen her posted in awhile).
2. She just got engaged to Van Wilder Ryan Reynolds, and we don't really need a McPhee repeat so soon, do we?

I think I might just sit this one out. Updated bracket after the jump.

Update [2008-2-7 9:44:14 by Todd]:

One more reason to vote for Minka: The photo gallery would make my life so easy. Just a thought.