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More News From The Nicktator

We are only 48 hours away from the opening of Spring practice, and Coach Saban announced some news in his most recent press conference. To hit the high points, here goes:

  • Chris Lett has given up football. Saban announced that Lett had been moved to a medical scholarship as a result of some medical condition, and with no doubt it is because of the heat complications that he was suffering as a result of his diabetes.
  • Zeke Knight will not participate in Spring practice because of his ongoing health issues, but he has not been moved to a medical scholarship. We'll wait and see, I suppose.
  • Luther Davis will not participate in Spring practice because of "personal reasons." And I have no clue what that means, though I'd be lying if I said I thought that was a good connotation. He has also not participated in the past couple of weeks of the S&C program as well.
  • Patrick Crump and Jeramie Griffin may be held out for the first couple of days, i.e. the time before Spring Break. I'm not sure what the deal is with Griffin, but I do know that Crump recently had his knee scoped. It sounds like nothing serious for either one.
  • Glenn Coffee is still recovering from a shoulder injury -- I'll have to verify this, but I'm almost 100% certain he had some minor surgery on it -- and he may be held out of some contact work.
  • To close on a positive note, Saban did say that performance in the Fourth Quarter Program was much better than it was this time a year ago, and noted that all of the assistant coaches were working well together.
I'll have more up on all of this later, looking at things a bit more in-depth.

Update [2008-3-11 22:8:2 by Todd]: