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A Cursory Glance at the '08 Roster

Crimson Tide Roster
Position Incoming
Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
QB S. Jackson
B. Smelley
N. Fanuzzi G. McElroy J.P. Wilson
RB J. Preyear
I. Matchett
D. Goode T. Grant G. Coffee
R. Upchurch
FB J. Griffin B. Huber
TE C. Underwood P. Dial N. Walker
T. McCall
C. Hoke
WR J. Jones
D. Hood
M. Ray
C. Jackson
M. Maze
B. Gibson
D. Hanks
T. Sikes
E. Alexander
M. McCoy
N. Stover
W. Oakley
D. Salaam
OL J.M. Boswell
B. Jones
T. Love
P. Crump
W. Vlachos
D. Ross
T. Pharr
A. Smith
M. Johnson
E. Cardwell
D. Davis
A. Caldwell
M. Davis
DL U. Billingsley
G. Harbin
B. Lewis
M. Williams
T. Cody
K. Murphy
D. Square
M. Dareus
L. Davis*
N. Gentry
A. McCullough
J. Chapman
M. Talbert
B. Motley
B. Deaderick
L. Washington
B. Walton
B. Greenwood
LB D. Hightower
C. Upshaw
J. Harris
A. Watkins
C. Williams
M. DeJohn
J. Hester
R. McClain
C. Higgenbotham
E. Anders
P. Hall**
C. Reamer
Z. Knight***
J. Johns
DB R. Green
A. Lawrence
R. Lester
W. Neighbors
T. Farmer K. Jackson
T. Coger
J. Arenas
S. Burnthall
M. Johnson
T. King
J. Woodall
R. Johnson
L. Mitchell
Players in bold are either returning starters or played significant snaps at that position.

The above chart shows who we have on the roster at the moment by class and position. I did my best at remembering who redshirted and who didn't, but there may be a few guys that I have listed as Freshmen that are Sophomores and vice versa. If anyone spots something that needs correcting, let me know in the comments and I'll make the changes. Also, the "incoming freshmen" column is incomplete as I did not list the "athletes" that were signed since we don't yet know where they will wind up. They are:

Mark Barron - High school WR, but could play on either side of the ball. A four star athlete, he will likely end up at either LB or Safety.
Devonta Bolton - Also a four star ATH, Bolton played both receiver and linebacker in high school.
Mark Ingram - A four star prospect, Ingram was a highly touted RB in high school, and will likely remain at that position.
Chris Jordan - Also a four star ATH, Jordon played RB in high school, but could make the move to LB.
Burton Scott - A five star prospect, Scott could contribute anywhere on the field but, given Saban's love of the DBs, I wouldn't be surprised to see him at Safety come fall.

* Luther Davis will not participate in spring practice for "personal reasons," so his future with the Tide is currently uncertain.
** Prince Hall has been suspended indefinitely and is not partcipating in spring practice. It's possible that he may not be with the team in the fall considering he was also in Saban's doghouse last season, losing his starting job to true freshman Rolando McClain after starting every game of the 2006 season as a true freshman.
*** Zeke Knight is dealing with serious medical issues and could very well be placed on medical scholarship.