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It's a little early, but your weekend weather forecast...

...calls for Snow.

I'll be pretty busy the rest of the day, so the weekend Snow comes early this week. The Tide Basketball team returns to action tonight against Mississippi State in the second round of the SEC Basketball Tournament so I'll have a thread up for it later, and if by some miracle they actually pull another upset and advance, we'll have you covered there, too. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend. Ladies, beefcake after the jump.

I'm sure you were all expecting another crazy old wrestler, but since I'm hooked on Lost despite the fact it's the most infuriating, ridiculous show EVER and I wanted to reward your patience and good humor for once, here's some Jack Shepherd to get you set for the weekend. Bear in mind that I am saying this in a totally non-gay, heterosexual, I love the ladies and the ladies alone kind of way, but that guy is HOT. Every time Kate hooks up with Sawyer I'm like "WTF, Kate? Jack is so much better looking than that guy, and his Alabama accent is THE WORST." Anyway... Ladies? You're welcome.