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That's it for Tide Basketball...

See you next year!
Just watched the NIT selections, and no Alabama. Oh well. I must say that my indifference towards Tide Basketball was briefly tempered with the upset over Florida and incredible circumstances of the Mississippi State game, but I will also say that the season coming to an end for Tide basketball isn't something I'm horribly upset over. We'll continue our focus on spring practice, and, from the looks of the poll results, SEC Baseball.

Update [2008-3-17 0:32:49 by outsidethesidelines]:

After not being selected to play in the NIT, a new tournament called the CBI -- College Basketball Invitational -- offered us a spot in their tournament. There was an article in the Huntsville Times earlier of the players and coaches talking about how they hoped to keep playing, but nevertheless we declined the bid. I suppose it was a decision made at the institutional level, and so be it. As bad as this year was, perhaps it is just best it's all over.