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So here's the skinny, kids. OTS is on spring break and I'm swamped at work, so since the football team isn't practicing and the basketball team's season is over, it looks like this week will be entirely devoted to an RBR Dance Party!

Okay, maybe not just an RBR Dance-a-thon all week, but don't expect much more than the Word of the Day, a baseball update, and lots of YouTubes of old people dancing and other general tomfoolery. Plus, there's an academic scandal a brewing for our sanctimonious friends up north, so stay tuned for the fallout from that, and haha.

Even though I was going to let sleeping dogs lie, I figured now would be a good time to pile on the Wolverines since kleph sent us a link to this article which finds hockey scholarships are generally more valuable than football and basketball scholarships, which means that a school like Michigan, one that profits greatly from it's football program, is rewarding the fine upstanding young men that generate the lion's share of the athletic department's revenue by giving all that dirty profit to the hockey team, which doesn't even generate as much revenue as the basketball team. Say it with me, kids....Red Berenson is the REAL snake oil salesman around these parts!